Danyel Clothing is a take on a vintage and timeless lifestyle. Rolling down the boardwalk on your longboard with a group of friends. Driving in your VW van to the beach for a fun day in the sun. Even just hopping on your Triumph hardtail and cruise down the highway to disconnect. Living that lifestyle in today’s world is what Danyel Clothing is all about!

Danyel is offering trendsetting apparel with leading edge designer shirts for men and women. We are not limiting ourselves to a vintage look, but we are pouring into the current trends and bringing that vintage look along for the ride. We may be currently working just on graphic tee’s, but Danyel Clothing has a bigger vision in mind by going into other forms of apparel.

Visiting the Danyel Clothing site you will be directly involved with our releases by casting your vote for your favorite designs. For ever Fashion Season you vote on, Danyel Clothing will release the top 3 designs for men and for women. Danyel Clothing will not only be selling the designs on its online store, but it will be available at local boutiques and stores.

Also Danyel Clothing would like to be directly involved with a charity as the project keeps on rolling. As a result of that Danyel Clothing will be donating a percentage of it’s proceeds of it’s apparel sold to the A21 Campaign, Which helps in preventing human trafficking by raising awareness all over the globe. A21 not only raises awareness about human trafficking, but helps and protects the ones that have been rescued from it.